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Japan. Travel notes, part I

The expectations. 
- Aren’t you unbelievably excited about the trip?
- I am believably excited.
When going to Japan you are expected to be excited. I think it’s so far and still so mystified in the Western world that going to Japan almost feels  like winning a lottery ticket. If you aren’t excited you gotta fake it at least. So I did.
Akihabara, Tokyo 
21 days later I’m on board of the beautiful 787 Dreamliner on my way back and I am truly unbelievably amazed by the wonders I’ve seen in this beautiful country. It is un-be-lie-va-ble. I have completely fallen in love with Tokyo. I think I would even live there and get soaked in its amazing mix of culture, traditions, and hi-tech.
 Shiragawa-go Ethnical village, Takayama

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