The last post of the year. 2014

It’s been a challenging year, full of new events, places and people. It started with a big frustration and a bigger hope when I quit my job as a Creative Director of Mopals and went travelling solo to South America. I didn’t have any idea neither of what to expect there nor of what I would be doing upon returning to Canada.

And it felt awesome.

The two-months-to-be trip turned into a four months adventure that took me from Peruvian highlands to deserted lagoons of Southern Bolivia to sandy beaches of Ecuador.


The trip proved (again) that nothing is impossible and (hopefully) made me a better person. Out of all the goodies that I brought back, such as tons of inspiration, great photos, a bit of extra courage and a nice tan, the most pleasant was the newly discovered desire to help other people. I had been helped so many times even when I wasn’t asking for it that it made me want to give it back.

As I got back I started my own design studio with a few business partners. The idea that I had been nursing for a while came to life.

In the spring I got an honour to judge FITC awards in two categories: visual design and interactive websites. Needless to say how much was I inspired by all the awesomeness of the participating projects.

Throughout the summer and fall I was working on a very challenging and exciting product – 500px Groups with JeffShin, Arseniy Ivanov and the rest of super smart 500px team. It’s is the most complex projects from the UX standpoint I’ve designed by far. 1795244_10152972972106554_2730541532851290973_o

In 2014 we did four Draw by Nights — social events for people who like to draw (and drink). We did a collaborative drawing party, then drew on beer boxes and organized a hand-lettering workshop with Ligatures. Thanks to Natta, Natasha Dee and Jeanette for all the crazy work you put in it.


This was a year of trial and error. I tried many things for the first time  — from surfing, sailing, mountain hiking, shooting with 50mm, dancing lindy hop to being an entrepreneur and blogging in English. Some of them I liked, other taught me a good lesson but most i’m willing to take with me to 2015.

Photo projects of the year:

Following the sunrise at 4K, Bolivia 

Casual day in a park, Guayaquil, Ecuador 

Misty Picchu, Machu Picchu, Peru

Stone flower, Bolivia

Oasis, Huacachina, Peru

Whiteout, Nevada, USA

Puno boy, PeruIMG_0929

Photo stories

Burning Man
Carnival in Puno
Cusco behind the postcard views

Random facts

1. Quit a job as a Creative Director and went travelling solo to South America
2. Judged FITC Awards
3. Started my design studio
4. Designed 500px Groups
5. Went to Burning Man for the first time, brought some good photos back
6. Did 4 Draw by Nights, 70+ attendees each, with speakers and sponsors
7. Rented out my condo 3 times to 5 different people
8. Lost my forth iPhone 4 in the most criminal city of Ecuador
9. Lived for a month in a house with an ocean view
10. Learnt to ride a bike
11. Got somewhat serious about dating and started a silly blog Loveflat
12. Flew over 15000km to my hometown to surprise my mom with flowers on her birthday

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